Event Horizon: The Point of No Return

by Tito Abeleda

Imagine you are captain of a spaceship in deep space. You and your crew encounter impending danger. Your ship is approaching the Event Horizon of a Black Hole. Light still can barely escape. However, crossing the Event Horizon is the point of no return. Nothing then escapes or survives - not even light. a Red alert signals for all hands are on deck to combat this impending danger. You and your crew have also been ravaged by individual dramas escalating as fast as the ship approaches the Black Hole. Lines had been drawn on what could not be crossed & the consequences should those lines be crossed. It appears that some of those lines have now been crossed. Unbeknownst to everyone onboard, the consequences will be a horror that none of them could ever have imagined. It is a race again time. Will the ship survive? Will the crew survive? Will you survive?

Official Release 01/20/2018

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