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SMP Press A+ Experience: Life Shaping Composers, Composers Shaping Music,  Music Sharing Life's Stories

SMP Press A+ Experience: Life Shaping Composers, Composers Shaping Music,  Music Sharing Life's Stories

Calling on All Composers

Good morning, Good evening my friends and colleagues,

I hope those of you who are just rising to greet this wonderful day are awakening to a day that will be nothing less awesome.  I also hope that my other dear friends and colleagues who are soon ending their work day had a satisfying productive day. Today I wanted to share my experience with SMP Press especially those of you who haven’t yet decided to give this program a try.  First, I will start off by saying the folks here at SMP Press at Sheet Music Plus have given me such stellar customer service as a composer contributor.  SMP Press is an awesome program. But its awesome factor is deep and personal to me on several levels. Your experience may be different.  The timing of my discovery of SMP Press had such a profound impact on me.  I believe that if there's opportunity for a creative person to be creative – to create and to self-express, that artist should feed and nurture that aspect of his own soul and being. What gives a person fulfillment and meaning? What is a person's happy place?  Sometimes people joke about having been temporarily in their happy place, having spent an atypical weekend doing the atypical.  Yet, this atypical weekend was so extraordinarily satisfying - it was both named as a desired goal and a recognition of what it means to be happy.  Then why was this so atypical?  Should not our life pursuits be focused on achieving our dreams, that which brings happiness. If composing or arranging music is what makes one happy, then why do anything else? If there are opportunities to compose new music or to add new life to existing music with a new arrangement, wouldn't you seize those opportunities?  

SMP Press has spent considerable time and effort to gather and build a global, creative powerhouse of independent composers, songwriters, and music publishers to provide customers of Sheet Music Plus (SMP) with the bonus of original music compositions often not available anywhere else in the world. In addition to these original works, SMP Press has established a special arrangement with music publisher Hal Leonard that allows SMP Press composers to search a database of copyrighted music with over a million titles of copyrighted music, pre-cleared for SMP Press composers to create musical arrangements of these songs that are under copyright protection. Nowhere else will you find this.   Of course, there are specific restrictions as to what type of musical arrangements are permitted to SMP Press composers. Large ensembles such as show choirs, marching band, wind ensemble, and orchestra are not permitted.  However, solo to small ensembles are permitted. Mashups or medleys are also not permitted. These restrictions only apply to the SMP Press sheet music database of copyrighted music. SMP composers are free to compose original compositions in any way they like, for any mode of expression, from soloist, duet, small ensemble to a large orchestra.   Composers, the world is still your oyster. (Sheet Music Plus, 2019)