Never Forget

We all remember 9/11. It is etched in our minds deeply and profoundly. We also have our personal stories of sadness and sorrow that are etched in our minds with the same gravity and depth. At the time the pain is so great and unbearable. We ask ourselves how will we ever recover from this. But the human spirit is filled with such strength and resilience. When we do come back, we are stronger and wiser.

These past few months I had been writing songs from my heart that echoed the sadness I felt within and what surrounded me while observing the events in our day to day lives. I decided to put these songs on one album. entitled Mourning in the Rain. It includes all five movements of Tears from My Eyes music collection. The first three, Remember Your Feelings, Reflection and Contemplation, and Love Lost: Finding Your Fire Again were first released on Tears from My Eyes: Songs from My Soul album in March of 2019. The new additions are Tears from My Eyes: Mourning in the Rain and Tears from My Eyes: Onward and Upward.

Mourning in the Rain release today 9/11. We will never forget.   (Photo by Pluetoe)

Mourning in the Rain release today 9/11. We will never forget. (Photo by Pluetoe)

Tears from My Eyes: Mourning in the Rain was first recorded with thunderous rain and clarinet choir. I debated whether to include that or not. The purity and pathos of the clarinet choir sound prevailed. It did not need the assistance of rain special sound effects to convey its intent. The clarinet choir expressed so precisely what it means to mourn. The concept of rain served as a symbol of catharsis, cleansing, and closure.

Tears from My Eyes: Onward and Upward is the fifth and final movement to Tears from My Eyes music collection. As we complete the process of grieving, we begin to see the light of day once again. We re-embrace life so that we can move onward and upward - at least that is the goal. It is different for everyone. But it is the hope of this writer that we can move onward and upward after having experienced what seemed to be our darkest hour.

Also on the album are Island Unto Myself, When Life Ended, and Procession in D Minor. Island Unto Myself is a dreamy yet sad piece composed for Chamber Ensemble of 2 flutes, 1 clarinet, and string ensemble. It expresses the emotions and feelings that envelope us during times of sadness - that feeling of aloneness because sorrow is so personal and individual to each of us that we shut down to process and heal.

When Life Ended was composed in classical rock genre with 5 different solo electric guitars and electric piano accompaniment. The electric guitar has a unique capacity to express sadness like no other instrument especially when allowed to wail and distort with the right amount of feedback. When Life Ended depicts the pain and sorrow at the time of loss. We remember when an important life dear to us has ended. We neither forget nor should we ever. When that special life dear to us has ended, it is like a part of us died that same day. Here is the music video of When Life Ended from the album Mourning in the Rain.

During the recent events of gun violence, I felt compelled to write the Procession in D Minor music collection for orchestra/choir, wind ensemble/choir, and 4 piano quartet. I had just finished writing Procession D Minor (for Orchestra and SATBB Choir) and decided to include it on this album. Procession in D Minor (for Orchestra and SATBB Choir) was composed to honor those victims of gun violence. As the title implies, it is like a funeral procession. Although there is an undeniable sadness to it, that sadness is musically framed with boldness and courageousness, building continuously to its climactic end symbolizing our honor and tribute to the fallen, and that their memories and our love for them will never be forgotten.

To all those who have experienced the loss of a loved one, to those who have lost someone so special and dear, to those who have been taken away from us too soon. We will never forget you - never.

Mourning in the Rain can be found at the following links below.

The sheet music scores of many of the Mourning in the Rain songs have also been published on Sheet Music Plus and ScoreExchange for immediate digital download.

Tito Abeleda