Music = (Composer's Story + Story's Emotions) Musical Sound + Listener's Connection

Music moves people in such different ways due its emotional connection with its listeners. Emotional music moves me in such a profound way. Similarly, It flows naturally from within me for outer expression when I write music. In hindsight, whenever I had a choice to choreograph dance pieces many years ago, I would choose very emotional, dark music to share stories that also had a sad dark premise. So, it appears that my creative self-expression comes from an inner desire to express that which I usually do not express in my normal course of interaction with the rest of the world. People often describe me as having a happy-go-lucky, jovial, exuberant persona. Carl Jung believed that there is a mechanism of balance between the inner and outer life of a person. Nature in its grand scheme seeks balance. Weather is an excellent example. From that perspective, that makes some sense. However, creating music is much more than that. Music goes deeper than that. From personal experience in observing other artists as well as myself, I venture to say that composers’ creations embody their personal stories plus the emotions that are a very deep integral aspect of their stories expressed through musical sounds. A composer’s creation becomes music when a listener makes a connection with a composer’s creation in a personal way to the listener. Hence, every person is moved by different types of music. What I find to be music to my ears may not be music to another’s ears. A composer’s story or emotional intention may not be exactly the same to the meaning attributed by the listener. It is the listener’s connection with the composer’s creation that results in music to one’s ears. A listener becomes a fan when that listener identifies and connects with much of a music creator’s music. The old adage “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ speaks a truth for music creators that music is in the ears of the beholder. So, composers hope that their music creations are music to someone’s ears.

Recently, I wrote a song entitled Island unto Myself. I wrote it for chamber music ensemble comprised of 2 flutes, a clarinet, violin, viola, 3 cellos, and a contrabass with cello soloist. Island unto Myself has a sad tranquil, contemplative ambience as if one were alone on an island in the middle of the Pacific ocean. The flutes and clarinet add a very dreamy quality to the music, while the cello echoes sadness and loneliness.

The music score plus parts are available on Sheet Music Plus and ScoreExchange as digital download. It will be released as one of the songs on an upcoming album Mourning in the Rain in the Fall. Naturally, I hope it is music to someone’s ears.