ScoreExchange Welcomes Visionary Quest Records as Platinum Publisher

Visionary Quest Records continues to expand its reach in the sheet music score arena publishing its modern classical Tears from My Eyes music series collection with Score Exchange.

“Score Exchange is the largest online retailer of new sheet music from composers and arrangers all over the world. offers thousands of sheet music scores for download for every instrumentation imaginable - from solo pieces to works for full orchestra, from classical to pop.” (, 6/22/19)

The Best of All Worlds for Music Buyer, Composer, and Publisher

Score Exchange offers a bundle of benefits and simplicity to both prospective customer and publisher. At the time of this writing, Score Exchange’s catalogue contains 280,000 music scores of new original compositions as well as newly arranged compositions of works in the public domain, for virtually all permutations of music ensembles such as orchestra, band, chamber ensembles, brass ensembles, woodwind choirs, choral, as well as piano with solo instruments, duets. You name it. They have it - music to fit a customer’s music ensemble/solo needs.

Customers can view sheet music in its entirety without need of a third party browser plugin through Score Exchange’s own proprietary seView technology. Customers can also listen to MP3 recording of the music if the composer has uploaded an MP3 sound recording. If customer needs music to be in a different key, music on Score Exchange can be transposed instantly with ease. Score Exchange makes the process so simple for the prospective buyer ‘to kick the tires’ and really check out the music product prior to purchase. Unlike other sheet music retailers, Score Exchange provides customers with the search capability of searching for music not only by instrumentation or composer, but customers can also search for music by genre, purpose, event, and type.

Composers need not worry about music being pirated or stolen. Score Exchange’s watermark is incorporated in such a way that gives prospective buyers the benefits of reviewing the entire score. But those wishing to steal the music with screen shots or other unsavory methods are left with a bigger headache on how to use the music without the watermarks. One would need to take painstaking hours to transcribe note for note from what was stolen. The additional advantage of seView is that it is compatible with all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android.) To give its customers alternative choices for previewing music, customers can also use Scorch plugin by Avid, the music industry leader in music composition and music media production software. Scorch is available as a download from Apple’s App Store.

Composers and publishers are in complete control of their published works. Composers/Publishers may submit music via print-ready quality PDF or directly from Avid’s Sibelius Composition software. Submission via Sibelius software has an added advantage. All the metadata provided on a composer’s score including dedication, background information, copyright information, any information attached to a composer’s work stays with the composer’s work when submitted to Score Exchange. Score Exchange can then present that information to the public once on display for sale. Score Exchange can also extract the instrumental parts given that this is one of Sibelius’ main features. With no up front fees, music scores are also distributed through an even wider reseller network beyond the million visitors that come to Score Exchange online. But if publishers/composers do not want to take advantage of the reseller network, they are free to opt out of this distribution channel.

Music being sold on Score Exchange is done so on a non-exclusive basis giving publishers the freedom to shop and exploit their works as they see fit. Pricing is set by publisher. Score Exchange takes the complexity out of complicated royalty calculations. Rather, when a visitor purchases music, Score Exchange then buys music from publisher at a discount from price set by publisher. This is a simultaneous transaction.

Finally, unlike many sheet music retailers, prospective buyers on Score Exchange are given simple clear, comprehensive details of the licensing terms of the music purchased right on the product page. The licensing terms are not tucked away on a footer link subsumed in a complex Terms of Service website agreement. As an attorney, this is a welcomed surprise. Publishers can choose the default licensing options that would be given to customers or choose alternative options. For example, prior to purchase, prospective buyer can review licensing along these categories in simple non-legalese English as to what restrictions if any are imposed:

  • Sharing purchase with others - Sharing is not permitted except as is necessary for given music ensemble rehearsal and performance. License to share with the world and beyond would not be permitted,.

  • Multiple Copies of the Score - For Visionary Quest Records, purchaser may make as many copies as is necessary for purchaser’s use.

  • Performance - Visionary Quest Records (VQR) outright grants licensee the right to rehearse and to perform music in any public setting without needing to contact VQR. VQR has taken the hassle out of asking for permission and VQR gets the added benefit of exposing music to new listeners. The default setting requires purchaser to make contact with publisher if purchaser is seeking to perform music. At VQR, the analysis is if purchaser is buying sheet music, a performance is contemplated.

  • Recording - VQR does require that purchaser contact VQR for permission if purchaser seeks to make sound recording.

  • Use of Recordings - VQR also requires that purchaser to contact VQR for permission if purchaser seeks to use sound recordings for any for profit ventures whether for film, TV, and any number of venues that music can be exploited to ensure proper licensing is negotiated and in place between VQR and licensee.

Contacting Publisher - contact information of publisher is provided to customer.

Score Exchange has created a platform that is as close to perfect a platform for sheet music buyers, composers and publishers with its user-friendly, customer-friendly, and publisher-friendly environment. Any possible objections or risks have been anticipated and addressed so that process of connecting music buyer to publisher’s music is simple, clean, and well-informed.

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