"Tears from My Eyes" Making its Mark

Tears from My Eyes debuts on Sheet Music Pluis

Tears from My Eyes debuts on Sheet Music Pluis

Our new song entitled “Tears from My Eyes” just released makes a different debut. It makes its debut on Sheet Music Plus. I'm so very happy. First, I want to honor and give thanks to Dad and Mom. None of this would have been possible without them. I'll explain soon.

My orchestral score to "Tears from My Eyes" has been published on Sheet Music Plus. I was also inspired to write a second movement to be played with Flute Choir now also Sheet Music Plus. I've dedicated these songs to my Father and Mother on the front cover. As I said, none of this would have been possible without my parents. My parents were quick to see that I loved playing with my baby sister's toy musical instruments. So, they got me into piano lessons when I started kindergarten. To be sure I was really into piano, I had to go across town to practice piano at a family friend's place for a year or so. Then in elementary school, they saw that I looked up to all the band members. I wanted so much to be in band but school policy indicated that I couldn't start until I was in 4th grade. The closest I got to band was carrying the band members' instruments for them from the bus into the band room. You can imagine how many were willing to let me carry their instruments for them. My parents started me in private lessons for saxophone at the end of 2nd grade so that I could get a head start. That started a new tradition at our home where each Christmas Dad would rotate who would get a musical instrument with lessons. We all started in piano. Then after the saxophone, it was my brother's turn. He got a trumpet. Then my sister got a violin the following year. At the end of this all, I ended up with piano, upgraded to pro sax, oboe and xylophone. (Kudos to St. Joseph, Marion Elementary School, and Shelbyville High School bands and St. Joseph Catholic Church. The band let me borrow and take lessons for free for oboe, bassoon, and flute. The Church blessed me with organ lessons) My brother - trumpet and flugelhorn. (Chuck Mangione was a big influence.) Sis - violin, clarinet. We never got 'no' for an answer. I'll save the story about dance lessons for another day. LOL.

You've heard of soccer moms. My Mom was a band and 'every extracurricular in the book' mom. The amount of driving to lessons, practices, shows would rival any Uber driver. When inspiration hit, dad and mom were their to feed and nurture inspiration. As I too am getting older, my trusty muse inspired me to compose music about these memories. I wrote Tears from My Eyes with the message to everyone, remember your feelings that are filled with so many memories of your parents, your life, the tears of joy, celebration as well as the tears of sadness. They are all a part of what has made 'you' you. Sheet Music Plus has the recordings as well as the actual sheet music for these songs. The album is soon to come. When the album comes out, I will entitle the the first movement as Tears from My Eyes: Remember Your Feelings and the second movement for Flute Choir as Tears from My Eyes: Reflection and Contemplation.

Love you, Dad. Love you, Mom. This one's for both of you.


Flute Choir Ensemble:

Tears from My Eyes: Songs from My Soul the album debuts on March 20, 2019 with recordings of the sheet music scores on Sheet Music Plus.