Add Some Spook for Your Trick or Treaters this Halloween with Incantation

Halloween is just around the corner, a little scary music never hurt anyone. Spook your your trick or treaters with these spine tinglers on Incantation Horror Music Album -

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Visionary Quest Records joins the celebration of Halloween with its release of its horror music album Incantation on October 18, 2019. Pre-order is available now. The album was aptly named Incantation from its title song using an epic choir of female voices that dominate this track to convey the ritualistic enchantment of magic words sung and chanted to cast a spell. Tito Abeleda composed and designed the sounds to capture the feeling of horror, darkness, the ominous, the supernatural, and the foreboding. To keep in the spirit of Golgotha, the album covered was designed with the skull on a bed of bones.

"a reminder of death and the transitory quality of human life" and is consequently found in memento mori and vanitas compositions; skulls have therefore been commonplace in Halloween, which touches on this theme. Traditionally, the back walls of churches are "decorated with a depiction of the Last Judgment, complete with graves opening and the dead rising, with a heaven filled with angels and a hell filled with devils" Frank Leslie

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