Search for it! Speak it! Let it prevail!


I wanted to share my newest creation. It has been an all consuming experience which has given me such a welcomed catharsis.  Reflecting at the climate of the world today and especially in our country, I saw how troubled and divided we had become. Truth is what struck me.  The sanctity of truth appears to have vanished or treated as a flippant after thought with little regard for its value and necessity in life.  So passionate I was about this, a fury of musical ideas came over me.

Here, I combined my love classical music, dance, EDM, trance, and hip hop.  There is a driven fury in the song heard through massive brass motif depicting the struggle to find truth. As the song evolves I musically imagine what it would be like to live in a world that honors, and values truth depicted in the violin section that segues into trance like arpeggio section done in classical counterpoint. Throughout the entire song, I use a combination of hip hop and EDM percussive rhythms to give this song a driving more syncopated rhythmic flavor indicative of real-life because life never goes on an even 4 on the floor pace. Melding all of this together in my vehement creative fury, I gave birth to Defiance: Fight for Truth.  We must search for it; speak it; fight for it; and let it prevail.

It's official release date is October 28, 2018.  But on SoundCloud, ReverbNation, and Visionary Quest Records sites everyone is free to have a preview listen.

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