Champions and Heroes

Long time no see. I usually find a happy balance between wearing my attorney hat and creative artist hat, but the past few weeks were a doozy in what required my attention - and it wasn't the fun kind of attention.  In my brief moments of peace, I recalled my childhood as well as growing up and how inspiring Heroes and Champions were to me. They could be from any walk of life or profession whether it be first responders to an emergency, athletes or artists in their element.  There was always something so regal about each of them that made them stand out - and rightly so.  I looked up to them.  I imagine you had your heroes and champions that you looked up to for who they were and what they have accomplished.  Their skills, their dedication, and their passions were the traits that made them into today's Champions whether it be saving a life, artistically inspiring us, or the physical prowess to accomplish feats of the highest calibre.  Many had such ordinary beginnings only to grow to such extraordinary heights.  Then there are those Champions who are the unsung heroes who are championing a cause or improving some aspect of the plight of the human condition. They are no less a Champion than the Champions we openly celebate. 

What we do collectively celebrate are the heroes of our imagination - the Superheroes that both children and adults alike enjoy vicariously following their adventures.  I feel that they too fill us with a type of inspiration to find that superhero in each of ourselves.  What would you do with a special power?  We admire and perhaps even aspire to these characters' virtues and empathize with any of their weaknesses as we look within ourselves reflecting on the similarities and differences.

For real life Heroes and Champions, we celebrate or at least should try to celebrate and honor them. Similarly, we hopefully will discover in time our unsung heroes and champions who deserve the same honor for their unconditional love and devotion. Our superheroes we keep alive and well within ourselves.  So while I was musing upon all of this, I asked myself how could I musically convey that  type of exhilarating celebration and honor for our Heroes and Champions.  Well, when the creative bug comes over me, I cannot stop until its finished.  I took my motif of Regalia and created a whole new musical sculpture celebrating our Heroes and Champions of life while also taking a moment to imagine them in their element of action, adventure, and excitement.  I entitled the name of this upcoming release: The Champion's Regalia. The date of release is June 11, 2018.