Love Lost: Finding Your Fire Again Music & Video Out Today 12/31/2018


To Reclaim One’s Fire for Life

Love Lost: Finding Your Fire Again musically conveys its composer’s cathartic and emotional intentions when one’s heart has been broken through the loss of love in a significant other - a partner that was to share in each other’s life journey. Some might find it odd to end 2018 on a sad note with a song title beginning with Love Lost. Although Love Lost: Finding Your Fire Again is in D minor and begins with a very melancholic poignant introduction, its minor key is also used to show depth, conviction, and evolution when it segues to a face paced movement indicative of one’s desire to recover from grief, by finding one’s fire that once existed before the loss of love in another. The main thrust of this piece is developed upon this premise of ‘finding one’s fire’ that was a source of vitality to live and to pursue one’s dreams and aspirations. Hence, to listen to this song, one can hear the vehement driving forces to find that fire once again. To do so, one must reclaim one’s own individual strength to believe in oneself again despite the recent void created from the loss of a love one. Love Lost: Finding Your Fire Again is a choice not to succumb to the feelings of death, paralysis, and helplessness that often comes in the arms of sadness and grief. Love Lost: Finding Your Fire Again is an affirmative response to embrace grief fully and to accept the transformation of rebirth as a positive, natural consequence to the next chapter of life. This new chapter embodies new hope in the future where one’s dreams and aspirations still come to fruition despite the loss of love, where hope is not displaced dependency upon another person, rather, hope is a reflection of one's excited anticipation of the journey to come to an aspired dream destination.

Notably, there is a signature main motif in Love Lost: Finding Your Fire Again played in a variety of permutations from quiet painful sadness, to a glorious searching for truth, conviction and healing in self, then to a literal musical closing played in a manner filled with the pathos of catharsis, indicative of a relationship’s closure, that no longer serves each partner. In the end, contrary to the sadness of the introduction played by oboe and woodwinds, the final arrangement of the main motif adds the rich sonorous swelling of the strings to convey symbolically one’s reflection of past grief in contrast to actual grieving. The final movement captures the newly gained strength to move into the future, armed with new wisdom garnered from the pain of recent past experience.

Similarly, the music video encapsulates the aforementioned story line via highly energized and complex animated motion graphics with metaphorical symbols of fire conveying the through line of action. The music video takes the observer to a futuristic place where one’s fire is found and reborn. One’s fire reconnects with its former yet close companion host. Having reconnected with one’s fire, a colorful, beautiful, adventurous, life journey visually unfolds and concludes as the composer believes, that a breakup, albeit quite painful initially, is not the end of the world. There is sill a wonderful, beautiful world out there and beyond to experience and to create. Rather, the music video’s underlying message is that a broken heart is an evolutionary doorway to a new promising, bright future, where one can still complete life’s journey without forsaking one’s aspirations. In the end, the vase filled with dead roses coming back to life is symbolic of the overall message contained in the music and video of Love Lost: Finding Your Fire Again.

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"Love Lost: Finding Your Fire Again" expresses that part of life when love is lost & you must part ways with the one special person you thought would share this life journey with you. The grief is overwhelming at first - to feel such pain is an essential rite of passage.