Feel the Music.... now Dance!

As a former dancer/choreographer as well as musician, there is much to be said of the creative process or flow as some call it.  Where does flow come from?  I imagine it is different for every creator.  When I hear music, I already feel it in the body and visualize movement almost instantaneously - very visual.  But I started in music first as a pianist and added other instruments as I grew older, which helped me put movement to music.  They are all very organic for me.  So when I am writing and creating music, I feel it deeply from within but I am compelled to want to move and tell a story.  So the music begins to emerge, I as a choreographer should feel the phrases as a dancer would dance it.  It should also have a life of its own - a beginning, a middle, and an end.  So my phrase that I often say to myself is "Feel the Music - now Dance!