Complete Discography Album - Soaring with the Rising Phoenix - October 10, 2010

To make mymusic more readily available and accessible, Visionary Quest Records culminates my 9 single music releases in one album discography.  Because Samurai Warriors was already an EP length album in itself, i felt it rendered itself less accessible costing as musch as a full length album .  So I made a radio edit on Samurai Warriors cutting it down from its whopping 13 minute EP length to a more accessible 6:34 minutes.  As a symbol of my rebirth, I have named the album Soaring with the Rising Phoenix as I passionately and graciously express the joys of my rebirth welcoming and re-embracing life once again with my sights on a positive future where I seek to convey to my fans that it is never too late to pursue and attain all the dreams that your heart desires.  Giving up is never an option. 

Stop searching for yourself and start creating yourself.  You can be the man you desire.  But you must first dream.  Then believe in your dreams. Then believe in yourself that you can make those dreams a reality.  But only you can make your dreams comes true if you take that leap of faith in yourself and go for it. You only have this one life.  Why not make it count for something that you want it to be.  Stop building someone else's dream. Build your own.